Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crawling is so yesterday

After only a couple of weeks crawling, Macy has it mastered and has moved on to the next stage... pulling herself up to standing.

Today, I turned around to see her standing up while holding onto the gate. Soon after, she was over to the barstool and anything and everything else. I guess this is when the bumps and bruises begin!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

And she's off...

Macy started crawling on our 2nd wedding anniversary - what a great gift for her Mommy & Daddy! She's getting better and better each day but I don't think she always remembers that she knows how to crawl. She'll crawl / roll around just fine when she's playing. However, once she is done playing or is just cranky, it's as if she forgets that she knows how to get around and just wants you to come get her rather than crawl over to us. We are having a great time watching her play and learn how to get around. I'm sure the joy will fade for me once she really get's the hang of it and I'm chasing her around the house! But for now, we are just enjoying each new stage and accomplishment.