Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Maternity Photos

The countdown is on and we are getting more and more anxious, excited and nervous as the days go by! I am certainly ready to meet our daughter and wonder all the time what she will look like and what her personality will be like. Will she be inquisitive, like her Dad? Will she be my little shoe shopping partner or will she prefer extreme sports, again like her Dad?

This photo was one of a few "pregnancy" photos that we had taken and is our absolute favorite.

She is certainly getting me ready for sleepless nights to come as she wakes me up between 4 -5 every morning shifting and rolling around. Taz and Lucy are confused by the early mornings and although they never pass up an early breakfast, they are quick to climb back to their beds and sleep the rest of the morning until Aaron gets home from work.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Three Weeks Out!

Welcome to our BLOG site. Kelly and I created this site as a way to keep our family and friends in the loop through our adventures of parenthood. Kelly and I will both be posting pictures, and thoughts, as time passes.
As you all know, Kelly and I are expecting our first child. We are anxiously anticipating the birth of our daughter...who's name is being withheld. We are 37 weeks into the pregnancy today. Kelly is currently 1cm dilated, and our daughter is constantly squirming around. As crazy as it is to watch Kelly's belly shift, it's all still a bit surreal to me. I am still not sure if I have realized that I am about to be a father!
Our nursery is decorated and ready for the big day when our new little arrival comes home. I will post some pictures of how the nursery project turned out. What a nightmare that was. I've decided she will be stuck with the paint scheme until the day she moves out. If we ever have a son, he is stuck with his older sister's scheme as well! Okay, so I might change the colors, but it will be solid from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. We have received a ton of incredible gifts, and she has a wardrobe for her first year of life! All of her tiny clothes have been washed and put away in her mini dresser and hung in the closet from mini hangers. We have all the necessities (including fun little/large toys) set aside until she needs them. Kelly is getting a lot of practice sitting in our new glider when she can manage to drag me out of it! We thank everyone for your generosity and thoughtfulness.
Keep checking back in with us frequently, as we hope to update the site often. Thanks for stopping in, and feel free to share the site with mutual friends!