Saturday, February 13, 2010

Growing Up

At almost 16 months old, Macy is keeping us on our toes. Just when we get something "Macy-proofed" she finds some new type of danger for us to worry about. This morning, I let her play with one of our water bottles. This brilliant little girl walks over to the refrigerator and held it up to the water dispenser and proceeded to to stream water all down the refrigerator door creating a pool of water on the floor. And of course, when I took the water bottle away to clean up, she was not happy about it.

She continues to amaze us daily with her knowledge and vocabulary. Just a few days ago she pointed to a Sesame Street book and said "Elmo". Sure enough, she was pointing at Elmo! That was a real surprise since we don't watch much Sesame Street and she doesn't have any Elmo toys (other than the one book). She communicates very well using the baby sign language that we have taught her (please, thank you, more, milk, eat, help, stickers, touchdown,). Yesterday she spoke the word "please" for the very first time! We couldn't believe our ears and made her say it over and over again. Other words that she says regularly are: Mommy, Daddy, Doggy, hat, eyes, ball, help, paci.

She is also learning the difficult lesson of obeying. We've started putting her in time outs for not listening to us. Most of the times, these are a result of playing too rough with the dogs - on her part. The first several times in time out were pretty exhausting... for us! She didn't understand the concept right away and would just get right back up and run away from us thinking it was a game. Eventually, after what seemed like a time out marathon, she got the point and sat in time out for one whole minute. She still has her moments when she will try to get up but she gets the point sooner, rather than later and will sit there until the timer goes off.

Macy and I are keeping ourselve busy with our play group and making lots of great friends for both of us. She has a regular group of friends that she is learning the "rules of life" with. I believe one little boy has decided that she is his girlfriend. Every time we see him, he runs right up to her and says "MACY!!". Last week we took a field trip to the Train Museum. I think the little boys were a little more excited by the "Choo-Choo's"; but Macy did enjoy looking at the mini-trains on the tracks and running all over the museum. Next week we will be going to the Discovery Science & Space museum with the group. It is a hands on learning environment for kids and should be very fun.

Macy has decided this post is over as she is standing on the couch next to me poking me in the head. So, I'm off to play with her in her tunnel that she got for Christmas.

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