Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's Official!

The official due date for Baby Leff #2 is November 29th! Aaron is hoping for a shared birthday as his is on the 25th. We had an ultrasound last week and got to see a healthy and active little baby. I showed the pictures to Macy and told her it was a baby. The pictures are now on our fridge next to a picture of herself. She looks at them sometimes and says "Baby" and then at her own picture and says "Macy". Kelly is feeling much better now that she has begun her second trimester, and starting to get back into her old routines again. We received news yesterday that Kelly's cousin Jeff and his wife, Mary are expecting their first baby due only days apart at the beginning of December. We are so happy for them and only wish we lived closer (they live in Chicago).

Macy is 19 months and we are enjoying every minute of it. Kelly started a journal where she writes down all the cute things that Macy says or does. Yesterday, after brushing her teeth - which she now demands to do herself - she waved at herself in the mirror and said "Bye Macy". She is talking up a storm lately. Sometimes it is only gibberish but often times she surprises us with a new word that we haven't heard her say before. Whenever Kelly is cooking she says "I see, I see" and wants to be picked up so that she can watch what I am doing. Cute? Yes. But makes it twice as long to make dinner!

Our scanner is not working so we are not able to share the ultrasound pictures right now but will try to get them online soon.

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