Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Maternity Photos

The countdown is on and we are getting more and more anxious, excited and nervous as the days go by! I am certainly ready to meet our daughter and wonder all the time what she will look like and what her personality will be like. Will she be inquisitive, like her Dad? Will she be my little shoe shopping partner or will she prefer extreme sports, again like her Dad?

This photo was one of a few "pregnancy" photos that we had taken and is our absolute favorite.

She is certainly getting me ready for sleepless nights to come as she wakes me up between 4 -5 every morning shifting and rolling around. Taz and Lucy are confused by the early mornings and although they never pass up an early breakfast, they are quick to climb back to their beds and sleep the rest of the morning until Aaron gets home from work.

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Alan said...

Hey Aaron and Kelly! Times a gettin' close! Great b/w photo! Definately a keeper. Have you started a photo album for the baby yet? Will keep checking back for more pics. My prayers are with you both for a healthy and happy baby.